Which documents to travel to Spain in 2022?

We were looking at taking a cruise this month. Well, I have to wait until fall to travel, I needed a booster shot to go on a cruise!!!

I did not have mine, I kind of chicken out again.

You need to read lots of information before thinking about your trip at the moment. It might change when I go overseas, who knows!! 


 Here are some pieces of information.

*New EU Travel Restrictions: Boosters Required After 9 Months To Travel Freely

The EU has voted to make Covid Certificates valid for only nine months, meaning that a booster shot will become a requirement to travel freely across Europe in 2022.

All the countries in the EU have been using the EU Digital Covid Certificate to allow anyone to move freely around Europe (and indeed within their own countries). Since July 2021–people show the pass to say they have either been vaccinated fully, have had Covid-19 or have recently been tested negative for Covid-19.

Many countries are currently using these passes to enter restaurants, bars and cinemas for instance, which has encouraged vaccinations, as many people don’t want the effort of having to take Covid-19 tests every couple of days to be out and about.

Tourists can convert their health certificates showing proof of vaccination status into these health passes when they arrive in the EU–in France, for instance, pharmacies have applied for the right to do this.

Our cruises, their departure is in Barcelona. You will need more pieces of information again.

Spain travel restrictions

Which documents to travel to Spain in 2022?

Spain travel restrictions: health rules for entering Spain

Good news, it is now simple to enter Spain, especially for Europeans, you must :

*Meet one of the following conditions:

*Present the EU-COVID certificate valid for all EU countries; validate it before your departure on this official website  https://www.spth.gob.es/spain-validator

or, present a PCR/TMA test less than 72 hours old or a negative rapid antigen test less than 48 hours old

or, present a certificate of cure

*If you do not have the EU-Covid certificate, you must also fill out a form https://www.spth.gob.es/ to obtain a QR code only if you arrive by Air or Boat (ferry).

Our advice:

Whatever your country of origin, visit this official website which indicates, country by country, what are the health rules and restrictions to entering Spain:

Travel Safe:  https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/

Spain travel restrictions documents and health checks at the Spanish border (barcelona.com)