How to Pack Light for Your Trip

Packing light doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort, these tips can help.

Don’t overstuff your suitcase when packing to leave home; it will be a hassle to repack at the final point of your trip, and if you do buy some souvenirs, they might not fit in.
If your checked bag is too big or heavy, you’ll incur baggage fees on most airlines. If you are carrying a suitcase, the weight matters even more since you’ll be lifting your bag, dozens of times while in transit (in and out of the train, into the overhead bin, walking to your hotel, and so on).
Unfortunately, saying that you want to pack light, it’s easier said than done, at least for me. Many of us hope to be capable to pack light, but when we start getting a pile of everything that we think we need to take with us, we quickly realize that there is no way it will all fit into one small suitcase.
If you’re not convinced that packing light is for you, I will not attempt to change your mind, but if you do, I will show you some of the tricks I use now.
If you have discovered that you want to enjoy the advantages of light packing, you will need to make decisions about exactly what to bring with you. Each element you add to your luggage increases the weight and takes up space. To be able to pack light, you need strict discipline and overcome the instinctive urge to take something “just in case”. Be firm with eliminating items until you only admit what is essential and only what will comfortably fit into your small suitcase.
What you should bring with you to help achieve your goal of packing light.
The type and amount of clothes you choose to bring can make a difference in the size of a suitcase or backpack.
Don’t forget you will be carrying it.

Here is my way to bring as many clothes as I can, without a large suitcase.

Let’s start at the basics –The Undergarments.
One pair for every day of the trip, I will not wash every night. I have lightweight bras for hot weather, they are not bulky and packed small.
I use a midsize and or large cosmetic bag for small items, my socks go inside my running shoes.
First of all, if you’re staying longer, why not pay for your hotel to do your laundry, or look for a Laundromat nearby—or wash them in your bathroom sink. I got little hooks I can hang my clothes..

The Outfits

Now choose your clothing for the trip around a coordinating colour. On my bed, I put my dress pants, jeans, shorts and dresses or skirts. Afterward, I choose which top will go with what, and that I can mix and match with all my clothes. Always bring a light sweater just in case, if you need something bulky and warmer, wear it on the plane. I like the merino sweater, 100% wool, is warm in winter, and keeps you cool on a summer night. Don’t forget a packable raincoat, mine comes with a small pouch and you can put it in your carry-on.
The most common approaches to packing include folding, rolling, and compressing, which involves placing folded clothing in a bag and forcing the air out, thus saving space.
The folding method works best for garments with sturdier fabrics, such as denim jeans, while rolling your clothes works best for softer fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle, such as cotton and wool.
I use also mesh bags, which separate your clothes also.


When it comes to shoes, packing light is a tricky balance between bulk, style, and comfort. Lightweight shoes, such as sandals, may not provide enough support for long days of walking. Depending on the season I travel in different shoes. I will bring my running shoes and a pair of sandals in my suitcase and I will board the plane with dress shoes. During the winter, I will change the sandal to walking shoes and wear a pair of warm boots on the plane.


Depending on where we’re going, if I need a warm or bulky jacket, I will leave the house with it so I have room in my suitcase for other things.


Keep your toiletries minimal, small travel sizes work fine for short journeys, but for a longer journey, I will buy travel-size bottles and fill them as needed. Most high-end hotels have all the basics, but I recently discovered, that not every hotel gives you free things anymore. Bring a washcloth also, not all the hotels have some. Most hotels are going ecological.

A shampoo bar, which is compact, works very well.  The bar works just like a soap bar: simply rub it in the water you’ll get some foamy shampoo. This shampoo bar will last just as long as 3 normal-size bottles of liquid shampoo. It will last you a whole year.

I always bring a universal travel adapter with four USB ports. I will never have to worry about all the different electrical sockets around the world. It also lets me charge my laptop and three other devices at the same time.


On the Plane

In addition to hand baggage, airlines allow you to bring a personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag. I generally bring a large tote bag, which can hold my tablet or laptop, earphone, e-reader, all my chargers (for the phone, e-reader, tablet) my camera, and a sweater or shawl.
You can store a whole suitcase full of books on a small e-reader, and with a tablet, you can add additional features like travel apps, movies, etc. Remember, if you are travelling by air, your liquids and gels must be in containers of up to 3.4 ounces (100 ml) and placed in a clear, quart-size bag.

See here What’s inside my carry-on.

What’s inside my Carry On?

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