Indian Summer 2020

Wow, the temperature climbed from 4 degrees C (39.2F) to 22 degrees C (74E) in a matter of days. This is a beautiful Indian summer.

Our first road trip was to Saint Alphonse Rodríguez. Well, when you think you feel like you have a card in your mind and you get lost! So for a trip that would have taken an hour and a half, it took two and a half hours.

Either way, I like to visit small villages and observe nature.

Finally, we come to the destination, to my sister’s new summer house.


St Alphonse Rodriguez QC

A destination of choice for recreational and cultural activities in the region, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez was shaped by the outlines of the foothills and its 32 lakes. The village is a popular holiday resort, with many different trails (hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and Snowshoeing). You can also enjoy water sports and, in winter, ice skating on some lakes. The town center looks like an old parish, with various interesting heritage houses.