Las Terrenas

Two Months In Las Terrenas - 2020

It’s about time we try 2 months away from Mister Winter lol. I rented a little house in Las Terrenas Samana in the Dominican Republic. A little compound with 24 hrs a security guard, 5 minutes from the beach, and 15 to 45 minutes to town depending on which way you are going.

Well, it will take 5 minutes more to the beach when it rain, because the street is all muddy and slippery and you have to look where you walk.

The town is close, but for the grocery, it’s a good 45 minutes one way. Some peoples rent a motorbike or a 4×4, we walk early in the morning. The town is very clean, the beach is raked almost every day by volunteers and a group of young peoples picks up all the garbage’s that some ignorant litter for no good reason.

I learn that all the dogs who ran on the beach and in town have a name and they got all their shots, they really take care of the animals here. I kind of adopt 2 dogs at the cafe and feed them croissants, bacon (lucky dogs). Also, we got 2 guests at our house who don’t want to leave, so we feed cat food every day and sometimes leftover shrimps. Oh! And we have also a chicken.


The second week, the kids and a grandkid came for a week, it was nice. They rent a car so we visit lots of new places. We went to Laguna Dudu located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.


It’s the only place in the world where it is possible to dive on a natural lake 32 meters deep, and it’s surrounded by a thick forest that occupies the surrounding cliffs, beautiful and magical to swim in idyllic crystalline water.

Around the Lagoon, it is possible to find some caves, there are some stalactites and stalagmites that were formed little by little. Explore the vicinity of the lagoon on your trip to the northern region of the Dominican Republic.

Pass the lagoon you can find by the sea some little shacks for eating lunch. It’s really good and cheap. 

Laguna Dudu

Be careful of a man he will bug you so you can eat at his place, I think they get a commission and he doesn’t even prepare the food, two nice ladies prepared everything.

Try #11 shack. Pina Colada is handmade and delicious.



number 11 shack
Pina Colada

Playa Punta Popy

From our place, we can walk to Playa Punta Popy, it is about 45 minutes one way.The beach is gorgeous! The water is nice and the place is windy ,lots of shade available too. The locals come here and it’s a public beach. They do charge for the chairs 100 Pesos ($2.50) all day. 

playa popy



Playa Las Ballen   


This beach is the other side of our home, 25 minutes walking. So you can cross the street and order food and drinks at the restaurant.Playa Las Ballenas,plage From the beach you can get some drinks also.

This beach seems tranquil and pointed away from the wind with little signs of erosion. It’s also shaded in many places with the high coconut palms, kept reasonably clean and nearly a perfect place to sunbathe. Being toward the end of the beach road, the traffic is much less than the other beaches and makes a nice walk. Private homes and condo complexes make up the interior.

Great snorkeling, the kids love it. You can just walk in the warm water and enjoy seeing lots of large and small colorful fish. But be careful, something in the coral sting. My son got hurt on his knee, discomfort for 3 days and it was very red and sting a lot.

Very safe and calm. Water clarity was excellent. There is a fairly large reef you can explore or grassy parts, both with lots of fish. 


Fish Market

The Las Terrenas Fish Market is open all year. Here you can see what the local fishermen are catching and selling.

There are less frequently other fish there such as Tuna and Marlin, they come from deeper waters typically.

We got some shrimps and frankly, they were not that good, the cats got a very good treat.

Fish Market In Las Terrenas
Preparing the shrimps
Seafood on the beach

Shopping, restaurants and coffee shop.


We go for coffee in the morning at the Italian bakery. Peoples are very friendly and speak only Spanish or Italian. I don’t have to order anymore, they know what I like. Breakfast is good, very good also.

Another place for coffee, this one is French, for all the bread and goodies. This one is a bit far, but you can walk there also.

There are two very good supermarkets in Las Terrenes, Lindo, and Pola, that are much like similar stores in Canada and the US. You can also buy fruit and veggies from min-markets, which are small mom and pop type operations. The quality and variety vary from day to day at the mini-markets depending on what producers have for sale that day but prices are good. You can pay with your debit. During a 2 month stay in town, I never learned about anything like a farmers’ market. They told us it’s over there, but never found them! super Pola market the store, they survive with your tips. Give them your loose change.

Lindo Market
super pola market

Pueblo de Los Pescadores

There is something for everyone. This collection of cute little beachfront restaurants offers a large variety of dining choices. Prices are reasonable (average entrée is approximately RD$450 but come expensive with 28% on top of the bill) and the beachside  provides an outstanding view.

Some of the restaurants are open for dinner only, bars are only at night.  Some restaurants will have breakfast early in the morning. Take a look around to see what you want or like.

You have your happy hour with buy one drink and get the second one free, make sure they have the drink you like. I found one place and the list for the free drink is very short and unusual, ask before you go in.

colorful restaurants
restaurants Pueblo de Los Pescadores


Every day, stores close from 1-4 pm for the siesta, some stay open. Sunday most nice store close at 1.30 for the day.
The expensive stores are own mostly by French peoples, the less expensive is by locals. I like to shop locally, less expensive and it helps them.
Larimar and Amber are the stone here. I am looking for stones to make my own jewelry. Before you buy some stone or jewelry, shop around for the price and quality.


For the restaurants, I suggest that you look for a local restaurant. They don’t charge you the 28% on top of your bill, give them a tip and they are grateful.

The one I really like was the Panini restaurant, the little Empanada cabin (really good and very cheap) and also the Mexican one, very good also. The pizza place charges a %, but the pizza is really good and cooks on fire by the beach. The view is amazing.

Casa Azul

Pizza restaurant outside
Pizza restaurant

La Panaria

My favorite place in the morning for goodies and coffee.


La Catrina is centrally located.

Own and run by Mexicans, it is as authentic as it can get, offering both quality and outstanding flavors.  Try the margaritas, very authentic.



Two others places for good food.

Boulangerie Francaise

Wonderful little French sidewalk cafe on main street. Lovely vibe and ambiance. Only con is the exhaust from the traffic. Sit back from the sidewalk and it’s ok.


Bar Bruno…Paganini

The best panini ever and the plate is big is big, it can feed 2-3 person.

Panini Restaurant

And Covid is Here

The vacation was cut short because of the virus COVID-19.

For the first time 6 weeks away from the cold and the snow, I love it …with some minor little details. The weather was not that great, too much rain this year and it came with lots of little black bugs and they love me. Let’s say the calamine lotion was in good use and also the bug spray.

I will go back anytime ,Las Terrenas is a fun and safe little town and the peoples are very nice. The beach is long and beautiful and you have pretty much what you need close by or not.

I will be back for sure.

Some of the Flowers

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