Parc Michel-Chartrand And The Deer's

Joy comes from places you least expect it while being confined at home during Covid and cannot go very far.

It’s usually the simple things, like walking in the park with my family and watching the deer pass by or feeding the little chickadee and squirrels that make you forget about everything for a while.

Funny to see the animals when they hear the sound of a bag, they come rushing toward us, the squirrels take the peanut from our hand and the little bird sits in your hand to eat, they like the peanuts better than the seeds.

The park forbids feeding them, but people are feeding them peanuts directly, that’s how tame they are.

I am not a winter girl, but this was a very beautiful day, and for people who enjoy winter, the park offers skating and ski de fond. Be careful not to walk on the ski tracks, peoples are not that nice about it.