A few years ago on my first visit to Bruges, I lost all my pictures.
I was learning to upload /delete and fix photos, and they all turn to the size of a thumbnail!!!
This time I know better and I am glad I have the chance to revisit this amazing city. 

Bruges is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. It’s famous for its canals, and gothic facades.
There are many words I could use to describe the Belgian city of Bruges: medieval, romantic, historical, waffle, chocolate, you name it…
We spent two days in Bruges and can confirm this city is pure magic.
You see, the historic beauty of this city. And while it’s no doubt busy, Bruges is a city well deserving of its longtime reputation as Europe’s most idyllic fairytale town.

If you are a chocoholic like me, you will love Bruges.
An excellent place for shopping for chocolate as well as a chocolate museum!
Bruges’ crocheted lace was famous in the 16th century, and you can still see ladies making it. Shops are full of lace you can imagine. My favourite is the tapestry shops with bags of all kinds, pillowcases etc.

The city center is closed to cars. It’s an easy city to explore on foot. As an alternative, since this is a tourist town, you’ll find horse-drawn carriages to take you around the cobblestone streets. You’ll be tempted by all the stores all over town and many museums to visit.


*Explore the windmills of Bruges.

We took a walk along the city ramparts to find four ancient windmills – all that remains of 25 to 30 such giants that once dotted the town walls.

*Meander through Bruges’ beautiful streets and maybe a cruise canals

Bruges is ridiculously beautiful and wandering through the little streets, is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Bruges’ canals are gorgeous and affordable, and like most canals, they’re best experienced from the water.

Along the wide canal you can admire some of the most beautiful facades of Bruges. During the Middle Ages this was a lively port.

beautiful and wandering through the little streets, is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Bruges’ canals are gorgeous and affordable, and like most canals, they’re best experienced from the water.

Along the wide canal, you can admire some of the most beautiful facades of Bruges. During the Middle Ages, this was a lively port.

*Climb the Belfry of Bruges for a beautiful view over the city? 

 A 366-step climb, you can have the best of the best at the Belfry of Bruges. You need good legs to climb the stairs. I found it hard because you cannot stop to take a breather, the stairs are very narrow and people cannot pass you. 

*Head to Markt Square

Markt Square is the Bruges hotspot. It’s here that you’ll find some of the most iconic sights of the whole city. Wandering around and doing some shopping.


*Historic Centre of Brugge

The Belgian city center is cited as a great example of a medieval historic settlement, even while it has evolved over the years.

*Check out the Minnewater Park and Bridge

From the hotel, a two-minute walk to the Minnewater Bridge, which sits above the Lake of Love. Head towards the verdant Minnewater Park for a view of the lovely Castle de la Faille with its soaring spires.

The many resident swan couples form the finishing touch to its romantic character.

There is a lovely parkland (Minnewater Park) to the South East of the lake where you can get away from it all and walk off some calories if you’ve eaten too much Belgian Chocolate or waffles.

*Diamond Museum 

I love diamonds, for me, it was a learning experience.

You will learn diamond cutting, polishing and all the cuts. Diamond polishing was invented in Bruges by a legendary goldsmith.

You will discover the world of diamonds from the dazzling collections from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Good To Know

Language: The country of Belgium has three official languages, Flemish (Dutch), French, and German. You’ll often see signs in both French and Flemish.

Currency: The official currency of Belgium is the Euro (EUR).

Credit Cards & ATMs: You shouldn’t have any trouble using your credit card when visiting Belgium. However, keep in mind that many people prefer cash when it comes to small purchases.  ATMs in all Belgian cities and towns, and you’ll usually find them near gas stations, shopping centers, and bus and train stations.

Plugs: In Belgium, the power plugs are type E, the standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Safety: Overall, Belgium is a safe country to visit. Petty crime does exist though so don’t carry too much cash and keep an eye on your bags. I always Have a Travelon bag with closures.

*Brussels Airport to Bruges by train (12.80 euro )

*The Belfry of Bruges(14 Euro entry fees)

*Diamond Museum (paid entry)

*Bought a SIM card for 15 Euro (5GB) if you don’t use it all, it is good for another trip.

**Two days in Bruges was enough for hitting all the main sights of the city. Add many more days if you want to see all the museums.



*How to get to Bruges?

After landing at the airport, we took the train right to the airport. 

It takes about an hour and a half from Brussels Airport to Bruges by train.

From the train station in Bruges, you can easily walk to the hotel and the centre of Bruges. The walk takes about 15-20 minutes.

Outside the train station, you can find a free shuttle bus to drive you to Markt Square. The bus driver can drive you close to the windmill and you walk back to the market street. Bring your camera.

*How to get around in Bruges?

If you want to explore Bruges and discover as many hidden alleys and special places as possible, then walking is the best option. Bruges isn’t a big city, so it’s perfectly possible to see all the sights on foot.

If you don’t like walking you can also take a boat ride on the canals or a carriage ride through the cobbled streets of Bruges.

*When is the best time to travel to Bruges

Belgium is a country with mild winters and summers. There are no extreme weather conditions. However, if you want good weather, I recommend that you visit Bruges between April and October. Of course, you always have the chance that it will rain during those months as well. It’s still Belgium. We encounter rain only the first morning there. Temperature between 15-18 Celcius.

End of September the weather was beautiful and warm with occasional rainfall.


Buy your chocolate or souvenirs while walking, you will have a hard time going back or finding the streets afterward.!!

Bring an umbrella, you will not be sorry. Even if the days were very sunny and warm, you might get caught in the rain.

*Book your hotel somewhere central

I recommend staying in Bruges, its popularity with day trippers means that you’ll be able to enjoy the city much more.


Our Hotel


Ibis Budget Brugge Centrum Station

Marie Popelinplantsoen 4

8000 Brugge



Our Hotel was right beside the train station and within walking distance of the town. They have also a free shuttle bus.

Most of Brussels’ most touristy sights are within walking distance so it’s important to book somewhere in the heart of the action.

**This is a tiny room, with a shower and sink in the room!! I am not claustrophobic, but two days for me was enough.

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