Pre-vacation checklist: 13 must-do's before you leave home

Preparing for a vacation is thrilling, but being well-prepared before you depart is crucial. 

Always best to make a checklist of things you need to do before your trip. This can help reduce stress and ensure that you have everything you need for a worry-free vacation.

Your Pre-vacation checklist: 13 things you must-do's before you leave home for the vacation

1. Turn down the thermostat in every room.

2. Put lights on timers,( now you can do that with your phone ).

3. Have someone check on your house (The insurance will not pay if you have water

 damage and the house was empty).

4. Keep all the valuables that you bring with you in your carry-on luggage.

5. Have a safe place in your house to hide the rest of your jewelry.

6. Pack some clothes in your carry-on (just in case the plane is delayed or!!)

7. Call your bank with the dates you are travelling.

8. Pay off your bills.

9. Have travel insurance with you.

10. Unplug all your electronics.

11. Make a checklist of what to bring…

12. Charge your electronics and bring all your chargers/adapters with you ( usually the station for the electronics are always taken).

13. Download movies and games on your tablet or phone. And books to your reader.

Planner for your travels with illustrations

As someone who is always ready to travel, it's important to be prepared for unexpected trips or emergencies.

* Fill your prescriptions for the maximum period (usually 90 days) and bring a label for refills while traveling.


* Make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and check with your medical insurance provider if your policy covers emergencies overseas. If not, consider adding extra coverage.


* Register online with your embassy and make photocopies of your passport and credit cards (keep one copy in your suitcase and another at home).


*Stay informed about your destination before you go. Stay informed about your destination before you go.


**Keep your toiletries in travel-sized bags and refill them from larger, more eco-friendly packaging. This will help you avoid overstocking and waste and know when to repurchase.


**Have a first aid kit ready for your trips and replenish it afterwards so you’re always prepared. Don’t forget essentials like Calamine lotion, bug spray, and Cortisone ointment.


**Consider laminating your prescription paper and keeping it with your passport.


**Register online with your embassy and make photocopies of your passport and credit cards (keep one copy in your suitcase and another at home).


**Avoid expensive roaming charges on your phone by checking your plan beforehand. Consider buying a SIM card to reload at home before your next trip.


***Bring an extension cord or power strip to charge multiple devices from one adapter. Some places have limited outlets. Consider also bringing an external charger.


**Make sure your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Most banks have switched almost completely to the more secure chip/pin technology.Pre-vacation checklist: 13 must-do's before you leave home

**AMEX is one of the cards that is not accepted at most places ( I found that out a long time ago).


**I always have local cash before I leave home and I go to an ATM in the country I am visiting, so much easier than carrying lots of money. 


You might need it for a taxi or the bus. Not every place takes credit cards, like trains or buses.


**I exchange my money in the bank before we leave. (The conversion centers in the airport or around the city are huge rip-offs.)


**Call your bank or credit card provider to tell them you will be outside your country. It is easier when you make a transaction

Luggage & Packing

*Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag just in case and some snacks.  You never know what will happen. 


*Checking  a bag or not checking a bag. Now, most airlines have their own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free, find out before you leave home. 


*I keep with me a small purse and a medium tote for my extra clothes/cameras/headphones etc.


**Bring warm clothes, even if your destination is hot. I suggest a light long sleeve sweater and socks. I learned the hard way in one year. (January in Cuba and it was a bit cold!!) Pre-vacation checklist: 13 must-do's before you leave home


**Always double check your list.

Helping App for you travel

**Buy online tickets for places you know you will visit or see before you leave home. By buying in advance you’ll be able to skip the lines. We missed the train once because I forgot to buy my tickets.

Arriving at the train station, they told us the train was full. The only one was at night. Oh, I got my lesson that time lol.


**I download apps before my travel.


**I like to use these apps on my phone while traveling.


** is very useful for traveling by plane, train, or bus. The app shows you the time and prices.


**Google travel app. This one gives you things to do where you are visiting. Places to see.


**GPSmycity app. A self-guided walk to sightseeing. Or you can print a map at home if you prefer.


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  1. Great reminders! I’ve had a few trips where I forgot to do something but it turned out fine. Would be great to print this out to have as a reminder.

  2. Great tips! It’s so easy to forget something in the flurry of preparing that having a list like this is so important! And I love the idea of bringing an extra pair of clothes in your carry on!

  3. Great list of things to do before you leave on your vacation. All the money ones are especially important. I, also, like the Rome2Rio app – it’s so handy. Thanks for sharing!

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