The Past 6 Months after Covid


What happens to the way we normally live?

Here’s a glimpse into the past six months. I am a little bit behind in this new blog adventure, I started this blog before the covid-19 to show how you can travel without spending too much money, so what to do now.

I have a little difficulty with this blog, but patience is my virtue! After getting some answers, I discovered that the “theme” I bought for the blog was not “right” for my computer, it crashes all the time. I’m buying another one and I have to learn to use it. This one doesn’t have a theme, so I have to make it all right again, I’m good at playing with the computer and also, with the help of online tutorials. LOL.

May… It wasn’t that bad at first, you’re trying to say it’s not for long, but television news is getting worse and worse. So I stop looking at it.

May… All you have to do is adapt and remain flexible at this point, you can’t do more.

*At home and cannot travel!!! What do you do about it…

*While I’m stuck at home and can’t travel, why not take the time to catch up and maybe try something new.

*Organize your pictures on the computer/laptop. I have about 600 photographs of my last trip and more of other trips. I enjoy manipulating my photos digitally.

*Do your spring cleaning, my spring cleaning is complete. We were quarantined for 14 days, so what should we do! Clean!!

*About learning a new language. I learned Spanish last year and I love it. Today, I continue with Duolingo and Babble, 20-30 minutes every night. I speak English and French, now I could add Spanish as another language.

*Getting up on your reading, I bought an e-reader and I get lots of free books with Amazon. I bought a Kindle (you get more free books with this one), you can research which one you want.

*Start a garden. I just finished planting mine.

*Take free online lessons. I already try some classes, I learn digital painting and brushing on my illustrations.

*Enhance your photography skills. You probably take pictures, with your cell, tablet, or a camera. Take your non-travel time to brush on your current ability. YouTube has great resources. I’m going to work on my macro for my flowers in my garden.

*Prepare for your next travel adventure. I am making a list of where I want to start first. Can Wait… now is a good time to research some new destinations. I am sure it will be different for some time.

*I am working on a travel planner with a list of what “not to forget before you leave home for your trip”

*The nice weather is finally here. Looks like it was a bit late this year.

*Can you see all the creatures I have outside my patio door? The squirrels were easy to take pictures of, but the other one was too fast.



That suck, I cannot go visit my family in Winnipeg for my only grandson’s Quinn birthday, he will be seven years old this month. For the first time, I will not be there.

I hope, I will be able to go later this summer and maybe a trip in Europe late fall.!! WHO KNOWS.


Nothing much happens. Some International border remains closed and many countries have imposed requirements for visitors to quarantine for 14 days.. No one is going to risk exposing themselves for the sake of a holiday. You arrive at destination and you sit in your hotel room for 14 day isolation, no, thank you.  I’m still willing to wait it out. In my opinion, it is not quite safe right at the present time, even with all the precaution airlines are taking. Will see what it looks like to travel in the fall. We recognize that it’s difficult to plan a trip at this time, not knowing how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve.

Still, nothing can stop us from dreaming. For today, I am looking at all the airline  destinations… before you can travel again for real. Because before long travel will once again brighten your everyday. Even so we will have to wait and see.

On another note, I practice taking macro photos of my flowers with my new camera.


SO, WHAT NOW. Kids are going back to school, are they going to be safe, or it just talking  nonsense.

On the news they show a party on a beach in Toronto. They are against wearing a mask and they want to enjoy the warm weather, drink and socialized with other. I want this to be over, with this attitude it will stay here forever.

*No vaccine to prevent the infection right now, but with the doctor advises you should get your flu shot and if you never ad it before. It will help not to get sick. 

*Too many people who think the pandemic is a hoax or they are again covering their face.

*Border to the U.S.A are close and I will not dare to cross it and if you go anywhere in the world Quarantine requirements also can be imposed unexpectedly or you will not be able to come back home right away.

*No cruises for now, the last one they got some infected. And what about the free breakfast or buffets!!

*I don’t know if I am willing to wear a mask for a long flight. I think the  airlines are working very hard to protect the customers, but I will wait until it is safer.

*What about public restrooms, are they really clean and  or/and open!!  

*We are going on a two day trip to Quebec City, need to travel again, We are not going far but it is better than nothing.

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