Beautiful Fall Season 2020

Whether you are in a city or near the province, the fall colors are the most striking in Quebec from late September/ early October.
I love to go for a walk in the forest in front of my house and marvel at Mother Nature’s masterpieces. All the colors on the trees are magnificent. The change in leaves every fall is not so much due to cooler temperatures as per the reduction in light resulting from shorter days. In maple, the accumulation of sugar in sap is the source of the brilliant red of the leaves.
As the hype of the summer holidays begins to fade, the savvy traveler is just getting started! One of the best advantages of traveling in the fall is that you will not have hordes of tourists and you can take a picture without them in it.
Forget the heat of summer and the moisture or the bitter cold of winter instead think of cooler temperatures, light days, and your favorite bulky sweater. I like the autumn weather for all this, but not much more for myself. In the fall, you’ll need warm clothes. It is always better to overlay so that you can adapt your outfit to the weather rather than end up dressed too hot.
Here are some photos of this beautiful season.

Currently, when it comes to driving, why not plan a safe trip during the pandemic?

Sooner or later, we will load the car and bikes and venture outside. The key is to plan, prepare and remain healthy on the go.
Make your own healthy choice. Also, take into account the health of your surroundings. If you or your loved ones are at increased risk, act accordingly, no matter what the general population does, wearing your mask is better than a cure.
Many popular destinations can function with partial closures and restrictions. Visit all websites for up-to-date information about hiking trails and visitor centers. If you are not going to be happy with the restrictions in place, postpone your trips until another date when you will benefit from full access.
*Don’t forget the mask and hand sanitizer.
*Travel with your utensils and water bottle to avoid plastics and garbage. Most of the bathrooms are close.
*Use masks and wipes at the gas station. Use your wipes to clean the pump handle, do not touch anything in the shop. I am becoming more paranoid about everything in the news.
*Public washrooms – small, heavily used, and often poorly ventilated – require a complete arsenal of products. Remember not to touch your face, car doors, etc.
*Stay safe at the hotels. We reserve online and ask many questions from madness to safety. Our trip to Quebec City for a couple of days was very clean and safe.