Ecomuseum In Photos

Visiting The Ecomuseum Zoo.

Winter is one season, I don’t enjoy it very much.  I’ll play outdoors if the day is very sunny, dry, and warm.

Near my home is the Ecomuseum Zoo, which highlights Québec wildlife in a natural setting. It is home to over 115 species of animals, like black bears, wolves, lynx, eagles, reptiles, and amphibians.

It is also an area where you can find educational information.

A zoo unlike many that I have visited, and you will not find any exotic species.

Beautiful place to spend a day in nature, and check on some wildlife as a bonus.

All species were local in Québec and were captured because they could not survive in the wild. The park is a recreation of the natural habitat for the wild animals: love the fact that this eco-zoo is a giant shelter for the animals and birds with injuries – they were rescued under different circumstances and now all have a safe place to inhabit and be taken care.

This place is entirely dedicated to the well-being of Québec wildlife, both for the animals in our care and for endangered species in the wild.

I haven’t seen all the animals (for obvious reasons: it’s winter and some guys are hibernating) but will surely return in warmer weather to see more variety.



Halloween is coming. The leaves are changing, the animals are hiding or just out of reach from my camera. I am not finished with my year, so will see you later.


Another Year 2022




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