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Cruise Ship Travel: A Vacation Experience

Are you wondering why you should go on a cruise? With the increasing popularity of cruises, it’s important to know why you should consider this mode of travel. Every year, more and more ships are added to cruise lines’ fleets, offering a wider variety of itineraries and styles of cruising. 

**I will express my personal thoughts about each of our experiences. I will record every cruise we embark on and share our views on them.


6 Reasons why you should choose a cruise

1*Discover Multiple Destinations: 

Cruises are an excellent way to visit multiple destinations that are often exclusive to cruise travel. Even for regions like the Scandinavian countries, the Greek islands, and the Caribbean, a cruise allows you to explore more places in a shorter time than traditional travel. While you sleep, the ship moves to the next destination, and you wake up to a new adventure.


2* Value for Money: 

Cruises offer excellent value for money. The cost per night is very competitive, and the price of the cruise includes your cabin, meals, and several activities. As long as you are careful not to overspend on alcohol, specialty restaurants, or the casino, cruising is a cost-effective way to travel.


3* Comfort: 

On a cruise, you can relax and unwind. Once you board the ship, you unpack your bags only once, and your attentive staff takes care of everything else.


4* Gastronomy: 

Meals on board cruise ships are of excellent quality, so there’s no need to worry about finding a good restaurant. You can choose between traditional dining, buffet style or specialty restaurants.


5* Activities on Board: 

Cruise ships offer activities for everyone, including spas, gyms, swimming pools, casinos, theaters, and bars. Some ships even have climbing walls, slides, mini-golf courses, basketball courts, bowling alleys, and ice rinks. In the evening, the theater and bars host many shows. From relaxing by the pool, to dining in gourmet restaurants, to attending Broadway-style shows, there is always something to do on a cruise.


6* Excursions

During a cruise, there are several stopovers where you can participate in various shore excursions. These excursions cater to all types of travelers, including those who prefer less physical activity. You can choose from activities such as mountain hikes, cycling, golfing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and more. Opting for the cruise line’s excursions ensures your safety and timely return to the ship. However, if you prefer to explore on your own, you are free to do so.


In summary, Cruising is an incredible and exciting way to see the world, it’s offering a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


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