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The ideal time to plan a trip to France would be from April through June or from September to November. During this period, you will experience fewer crowds of tourists and a relatively moderate climate.


On the other hand, the summer months, from June to August, are the most hectic times of the year in the country, particularly in Paris and Cannes.

10 -Fun Facts About France!!

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1* France is the largest country in the EU and is sometimes called the hexagon

2* France is the world’s most popular tourist destination

3*French was the official language of England for about 300 years

4* Europe’s highest mountain is Mont Blanc in the French Alps

5*. French gastronomy was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2010

6* France produced the most expensive bottle of wine in the world

7*. Turning a baguette upside down is seen as unlucky in France

8* French law forbids couples from kissing on train platforms

9* Paris Gare du Nord is Europe’s busiest railway station

10* The French rail network is the second largest in Europe ninth biggest in the world

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France is a country that is overflowing with rich culture and history, and there are countless sightseeing opportunities that any tourist would want to include in their itinerary. 


From the dazzling Eiffel Tower and the stunning Arc de Triomphe in Paris to the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera in the south, there is no shortage of breathtaking destinations to visit.


For those interested in art and architecture, there are world-renowned museums such as the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, as well as the majestic Palace of Versailles. Wine-lovers can explore the vineyards of Bordeaux or the Champagne region while foodies can indulge in the rich and delicious French cuisine in charming cafes and restaurants. 


There are also smaller towns and villages with their own unique charm and history, like Annecy and Colmar. With so much to see and do, France is a destination that can be explored and appreciated time and time again.







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