Travel essentials you should pack

As a seasonal traveler, I always pack my necessary items for any flight carefully. 


To make my travel experience more enjoyable, I ensure to have a fully-stocked tote bag that can fit under my seat or in the overhead bin. 


By having all my go-to essentials within reach, I save time and avoid any hassle during flights. Furthermore, I always keep a change of clothes and essential toiletries in my tote bag in case my checked luggage is lost or delayed. 


A well-packed tote bag can give you peace of mind during your travels. Before you start packing for your trip, make sure to choose the right size of bags for your carry-on and tote bag. 


It can be frustrating to struggle with fitting your bags in the overhead compartment or being asked to check them in. 

Most airlines have size restrictions for carry-on bags, so make sure you check the guidelines before packing. 


If you prefer a more compact and portable option, a tote bag can be an excellent alternative to carry-on luggage.


The Most Essentials You Should Keep With You

Keep these with you for your enjoyment on your flight 

 – Camera with lenses (for safe keeping)

– iPad and phone 

– Laptop if you’re going on a long trip or staying in one place for an extended period 

– Travel adapter/converter, just in case you need it 

– Wired earbuds or headphones, especially for flights as wireless headphones may not be compatible with airplane entertainment systems. 

-Noise-canceling headphones are recommended for the best experience. 

-E-reader or a book to keep you entertained during the flight 


Travel essentials you should pack
Travel essentials you should pack
Travel essentials you should pack

The most important items to remember and to keep in your purse

-Your jewelry, cash, passport, visa, and all your bookings.

-Make sure to keep all your medications with you, especially prescription medications that should never be stowed in a checked suitcase. 

Replacing these medications while traveling can be extremely challenging or even impossible if your luggage is lost or delayed. 

Travel essentials you should pack
Things You Should Pack in Your Carry-on Bag-cosmetic bag
Travel essentials you should pack
Travel essentials you should pack

Don’t Forget

-When packing your carry-on bag for a flight, ensure that you have a clear quart-sized bag that meets Transportation Security guidelines for liquids and gels. 

-All liquids and gels must be in travel-size bottles or containers measuring 3.4 ounces or less. 

Put any liquids or gels you’re traveling within this bag, including shampoo, lotion, and liquid items. 

-Remember to place this clear quart-sized bag in an external pocket or an easy-to-reach spot in your carry-on suitcase as you’ll need to remove it at security.

For your comfort:

Things You Should Pack in Your Carry-on Bag mask and sock
Things You Should Pack in Your Carry-on Bag/ shawl
Things You Should Pack in Your Carry-on Bag neck travel

-Remember to bring socks with you as they will not only keep your feet warm but also allow you to take off your shoes for extra comfort. 


-Compression socks are also recommended to improve blood flow and prevent swelling. 


-Pack a scarf or a shawl, as the plane can sometimes be a little cold.


-You may also want to pack a small, packable jacket. -Bring a change of clothing in case your flight is delayed or if you lose your checked baggage. 


-The Trtl Pillow is a scarf that wraps around your neck with one side having a firm, plastic support, meaning you can slope or lean to one side to rest without getting a crick. The built-in support means that it works no matter where you’re sitting on the plane. 


-Carry an eye mask to block out light from overhead, the seatback screens, and plane windows. 


-Hand sanitizer is a must-have while traveling to keep your hands clean on the go, even if there’s no bathroom nearby. You can also use it to disinfect surfaces like airplane tray tables, armrests, or tables, etc. 


-Don’t forget to pack some snacks. It’s more affordable than buying them from airlines or airport shops, which can be quite expensive. 


-If you need reading glasses, make sure to pack them. -Finally, bring a mask, just in case you might need it (if you have a cold or sick).


With proper packing, you can fit all of this in your tote or carry-on.

To free up more space in my tote bag or small carry-on, I always keep my valuable items in my larger purse, such as my camera, jewelry, and medications if necessary.

Travel essentials you should pack

What not to pack in a carry-on bag with your essential

When packing a carry-on bag or suitcase, it’s important to note that some items are prohibited on all flights. 

The prohibited list includes aerosol products (such as anti-static spray or pepper spray), lithium or lithium-ion batteries, firearms and ammunition, flammables, and explosives.

Poster note -green colo


–Before leaving home,  ensure that your phone is charged and add some movies or books to your electronic devices.–

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Updated on March, 2024: This article was published at an earlier date and has been updated with new information   

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