Our one-day visit was to see Gravensteen castle. 

From Bruxelles, Gent is about a 30minutes away by train. There we took the tram to a walking location.

The place is full of canals, beautiful, quiet corners, and street art, Ghent’s less-touristy alternative to Bruges. The streets are full of churches of all sizes.

Ghent, one of Belgium’s oldest cities, boasts medieval and classical architecture that contrasts with a newer, urban feel. The city started as a settlement at the confluence of the Rivers Scheldt and Leie, and in the late Middle Ages became one of the largest and richest…





If you’re looking for a castle that looks like it belongs in a fairytale, look no further than Gravensteen. Dating back to the 10th century and set directly next to one of Ghent’s canals, Gravensteen is majestic and impressive to behold.

If you’re claustrophobic, some parts of the castle will be a bit difficult as the stairways can be very narrow. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the cobblestones can be slippery at times…

As you walk around the city, you can’t miss Gravensteen Castle. It sits right on the corner of the road like any other building, but its grandeur is unmissable.

That being said, it is worth spending some time exploring it for yourself, and there are some interesting things to see in Gent, so I recommend spending a day exploring the city’s sights and enjoying the little streets.


Saint Michael’s Bridge: Saint Michael’s Bridge connects two sides of Ghent and it is the only place in the city you can see Saint Bavo’s Cathedral. Saint Nicholas’ Church is architecturally beautiful and is free to enter

Shopping: There are lots of cute little boutiques scattered throughout the city and the main shopping street.

Canal Tour: A canal tour is a great and efficient way to see the city.

Medieval Towers of Ghent:Saint Bavo’s Cathedra lwas built over a thousand years ago and is free to visit, but check the hours online before you go.

Museums: Ghent is littered with all kinds of museums from the Dr. Guislain Museum, to the Design museum, to the museum of fine arts, to Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen. Be sure to check the websites for entrance fees and opening hours!





Train Station


Getting to Ghent

Ghent is easy to reach by train. The main train station is Gent-Sint-Pieters, which is half an hour away from the central station in Brussels. From the train station, you can easily walk or take the above-ground tram into the city center. We took the tram to the middle of the town and walk the rest.

*Train was (Round trip was 7.20Euro each.)

*The tram to the walking location. (all day pass 5.00Euro)

*Gravensteen Castle (Entrance is 12.00Euro each.)

*Tickets with an audio guide cost 10 euros for adults. You can buy them in advance for specific time slots, which is best during weekends.


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