Viterbo A Medieval Town And Bomarzo

The two places are worth a visit. Viterbo, a medieval town in the province of Lazio, offers breathtaking scenery, including the Papal Palace and beautiful Romanesque architecture. The city also has a fascinating history and is rich in cultural heritage. 


Also, don’t forget to check out Bomarzo, a small town located in Lazio. It is home to the famous Park of the Monsters, a garden filled with large and extraordinary sculptures of mythical creatures and other oddities. This park is a must-see for those who appreciate art and creativity.


So, if you’re interested in experiencing Italy’s history, culture, and artistry, Viterbo and Bomarzo are destinations you won’t want to miss.

Viterbo is also an excellent place to sample delicious Italian cuisine and shop for handmade crafts and souvenirs.


In conclusion, Viterbo and Bomarzo are two gems of Central Italy that you shouldn’t miss if you want to experience authentic Italian beauty and hospitality.


Viterbo A Medieval Town And Bomarzo : Our Second day Of Our Wild Trip -

Viterbo boasts the most significant medieval historical center in Europe, featuring churches, abbeys, towers, stone houses, fountains, and medieval quarters preserved within the massive walls and towers that once protected the city.

These walls, built during the 11th and 12th centuries, are still intact, and you can enter the walled center of the city through ancient gates. 


This place is truly incredible, especially the Medieval Districts, where you can see the city wall by looking up. Visiting Viterbo feels like taking a trip back in time, as the medieval districts have remained practically untouched. 


The San Pellegrino district is the most famous, and Via San Pellegrino is its main street, which features a succession of medieval buildings.

Walking The Medieval streets.

As you stroll through the winding cobblestone pathways that make up the medieval streets, you’ll feel transported back to an era of knights and fair maidens. The ancient buildings and architecture are a breathtaking sight to behold, each telling a unique story and adding to the overall charm and character of the area. You’ll marvel at the intricate details of the buildings, with their ornate carvings and gothic motifs.


Take your time as you wander, immersing yourself in the history and culture of this fascinating period. With every new turn, you can lose yourself in the magic of the medieval streets, culture, and the human experience and discover the true essence of a place like never before.

Viterbo Cathedral

 This historic cathedral, constructed during the 11th and 12th centuries, features stunning Romanesque and Gothic elements that will surely amaze visitors. 


The cathedral is adorned with intricate frescoes, stone carvings, and beautiful stained glass windows that take visitors on a journey through time. The interior offers a peaceful and serene space for reflection and worship.


The Viterbo Cathedral is a must-see destination that captivates you with its beauty and grandeur.


old cathedrale

Palazzo dei Papi

Palazzo dei Papi is a beautiful and historic building next to the Cathedral. This remarkable and iconic palace served as the official residence of the popes during the 13th century. 


The palace is renowned for its impressive architecture and stunning artwork, including frescoes and sculptures crafted by some of the greatest artists. Its vast halls, ornate furnishings, and breathtaking views offer an unforgettable experience.

Palazzo dei Pap old building

Places To Visit


Cantina Dei Papi


Cantina Dei Papi is an Italian-themed restaurant that offers various authentic Italian dishes to suit any taste bud.


Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant exudes an elegant atmosphere that transports diners to the scenic regions of Italy with its warm and inviting ambiance.

The food was delicious; we enjoyed this place very much.

Museum to visit.

Viterbo was almost erased from the earth by heavy Allied aerial bombing raids. During World War II, Viterbo was occupied by the Wehrmacht after the Armistice of Cassibile and heavily bombed by the Allies, causing heavy damage to cultural heritage and 1,017 civilian deaths.


Italians from other cities sought refuge here in the former gymnasium, only to be killed during the bombings.

It’s interesting to visit.

Moving along - We stop in Bomarzo

Travel To Viterbo & Bomarzo,Italy

THE PARK OF THE MONSTERS, or “Parco dei Mostri,” in the Garden of Bomarzo was not meant to be pretty. Commissioned in 1552 by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, it was an expression of grief designed to shock.


The park is filled with bizarre and fascinating sculptures for which only the accompanying inscriptions provide any explanation. Among the pieces are a war elephant, a monstrous fish head, a giant tearing another giant in half, and a house built on a tilt to disorient the viewer. 


Perhaps the most frightening piece in the garden is an enormous head with a mouth opened wide in a scream. The accompanying inscription reads, “All reason departs.”


When you visit the park, be sure to enter the giant screaming mouth (known as “the mouth of hell”). Inside the mouth, on the tongue, stands a picnic table and enough seating for a small group to have lunch.

Maybe it was a horror garden back then, but it is fascinating. WOW!!


The Monster Park is open every day of the year at the following times:

08.30 a.m.- 7.00 p.m. (from April to August)

08.30 a.m. – to sunset (from September to March)

Admission prices are as follows:

Per Person: €10.00

Children (4 to 13 years): €8.

10 Facts about Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo

The Sacro Bosco (Sacred Wood), also known as the Parco dei Mostri (Park of the Monsters) by Italians, is a monumental complex in Bomarzo, in the Province of Viterbo, in northern Lazio, Italy.

The Garden of Bomarzo is filled with Grotesque sculptures, mythological animals, massive stone monsters, and small buildings among the natural vegetation. The Monster Park was never intended to be beautiful or appealing.


This was a display of grief intended to shock the viewer. However, I believe it is not as frightening as it appears. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible facts about this Park.


1* It was an expression of grief designed to shock. The Prince had just been through a brutal war, had his friend killed, been held for ransom for years, and came home only to have his beloved wife die.


2* The Park has fascinating sculptures. The Park is filled with bizarre and fascinating sculptures


3* Salvador Dalí visited the Park and loved it.


4* Built during the Italian Renaissance, the garden layout bore little resemblance to the symmetry of other Renaissance gardens. 

Built 20 years after the Park was begun, it is not a monster but a temple built to honour his second wife.


5* The Park was created at the end of the Renaissance and is also called “Bosco Sacro,” which means holy wood because it is more like wood than a Renaissance garden. After Prince Orsini’s death, the Park was abandoned.


6* Bomarzo Park Fantastical creatures have a different meaning. These creatures are references to mythology: the head of the sea monster Proteus-Glaucus, the statue of the God Neptune, the Winged Pegasus, the giant Turtle, and the Elephant—mythical figures like the statue of Echidna: half woman and half serpent.


7* The Fight between the Giants is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and impressive: the statue represents Hercules, who kills Caco, the son of the God Vulcan.


8* The wood of this Park is considered “sacred.” To test your ability to remain rational and not give in to imagination, try entering the Leaning House. It is a fantastic experience that will put your balance to the test.


9* The garden is privately owned but open to the public.


10* The Park is a tourist attraction site.


The Park of Bomarzo is unique because, differently from other Renaissance Italian villas and gardens, it was intended as an adventurous sequence of apparitions,

Hot Springs of Bagni San Filippo

hot spring

Tuscany has many hot water springs, which have been known and used for curative purposes since Etruscan and Roman times.

I’m taking you to another hot spring in southern Tuscany that most foreign visitors still don’t know about, but we do, lol… (And that locals are trying to keep a secret from visitors.) The outdoor hot springs at San Filippo!


The springs at San Filippo are gorgeous! The calciferous formations, waterfalls and small pools of hot water surrounded by the woods just outside the small town of Bagni San Filippo will seem to take you to another world. The good thing is that an easy path runs along the river and provides easy access.


But if you don’t have solid legs, I suggest you don’t go down there. It is slippery and very wet. We did go halfway, and the kids went all the way down. The further you get, the hotter it is—a dip in the water before going to the hotel.

This is our last stop before going to the hotel.

The Place We Stay

Hotel Villa Gaia!

It is a newly renovated three-star superior hotel. And the best part? They are just a quick walk away from all the cool attractions in Chianciano. 


After our late-night dip in the hot spring and soaking wet, the staff was super friendly, and they even whip up cappuccino for us.


The place was friendly and very clean.

The breakfast was also included in the package.

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