Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza

On our third day, we are venturing out to Tuscany, and we will include the charming towns of Montepulciano and Pienza on your itinerary.

These two towns offer a glimpse into Italy’s rich culture and history, unmatched by any other destination. Montepulciano boasts beautiful Renaissance-era architecture enriched by the renowned wines produced in the region.


Pienza, on the other hand, is a stunning hilltop village that has managed to retain its distinctive character over the centuries. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its spectacular views of the rolling Tuscany hills and fantastic examples of Renaissance architecture. So, why not mosey around the winding streets, sample local gastronomy, and stroll through beautiful parks and landscapes?

These two towns will make your travels to Tuscany genuinely unforgettable.


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Montepulciano, located in southern Tuscany, is a charming medieval and Renaissance hill town worth visiting. The city is built along a narrow limestone ridge 605 meters above sea level and encircled by walls. The main square, which crowns the hill’s summit, can be reached by a long, winding street called the Corso. The streets inside the walls are filled with Renaissance-style buildings, adding to the town’s beauty.


The filming location for the Twilight sequel New Moon is here. The Cathedral was previously occupied by an old parish church that was deemed insufficient and unadorned compared to the new, beautiful buildings constructed in Piazza Grande and the surrounding streets.

Cypress trees in the Val d'Orcia

As we drove along the winding streets from Montepulciano to Piazza, we were treated to the stunning sight of the cypress trees in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, Italy.


Val d’Orcia is a breathtakingly beautiful area that spans from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata. It is home to charming towns and villages like Pienza, Radicofani, and Montalcino. 


This tranquil region has inspired artists and photographers alike with its captivating landscapes. It is famous for the iconic row of cypress trees that attracts numerous visitors who come to admire and take pictures.


Pienza is a charming small town in Tuscany, Italy, located in the heart of the stunning Val d’Orcia. This picturesque hilltop village is a perfect example of Renaissance urban planning and architecture.


Walking through the town, visitors can marvel at the elegant buildings, beautiful piazzas, and narrow streets lined with artisan shops and local restaurants offering exquisite cuisine. Pienza is also famous for its delicious pecorino cheese, which can be tasted and purchased in various shops around the town.


map of Pienza
Going up to Pianza
Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza

A bit of shopping

Coffee shop
Pienza Coffee-- If you're a coffee lover, this is the perfect spot to taste before you make a purchase.
Legatoria Koine--Handmade journal-diaries and more..
Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza
Fratelli Dezi
Just a few steps away from the entrance of the historic center, there's an extensive variety of typical products from the local area available. You can even sample different types of cheeses inside. The place is welcoming and a pleasant destination to visit and chat with locals.

A Funny Story To Share

A funny story to share.

When my adult children expressed interest in visiting the location where Gladiator was filmed, I was unsure if it would be worth the trip. However, our journey turned out to be an exciting experience. 


The spot is unique, with its four solitary trees and a rugged dirt road. Accessed by a bumpy trail downhill, it’s an adventure in itself. While it may not be as grand as expected, it has charm.


Gladiator Scene

For those who have seen the movie Gladiator, the scene where Russell Crowe walks through the golden wheat fields on his way home is nostalgic. It truly captures the essence of the film.


This and other scenes were shot in Val. Specifically, the memorable scene of Russell Crowe walking home leads to the roadway leading to Agriturismo Terripile.

Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza
Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza
Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza
the movie !!

On Our Way To Siena For The Night

Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this charming hotel. The bedroom and bathroom were impeccably decorated, and I was pleased to find a thoughtful assortment of teas and snacks in my room. 


The apartment was spacious, cozy, and equipped with excellent heating. Additionally, the hotel’s location near Siena’s historic center was very convenient. I found the reception and breakfast staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful.


It’s worth noting that grocery stores are nearby should you need to shop. The grounds are well-maintained, and the view is stunning.

You can definitely do your laundry, but keep in mind that it may take around 4 hours for your clothes to fully dry in their machines.
Why Everyone Love Montepulciano And Pienza



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