Where to see fall colors in Montreal

Fall is a beautiful and colorful season in Montreal, where you can enjoy the vibrant hues of the changing leaves. There are many places in Montreal where you can witness the mesmerizing autumnal colors and get lost in the serene beauty of nature.

For instance, a stroll in Mount Royal Park is a must-visit for foliage lovers, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline and witness the bright red and orange leaves of the maple trees. 

Whether you are walking, cycling, or just taking pictures, the fall colors in Montreal are a sight to behold and an experience you won’t forget.

The stunning color scheme of the leaves as they change.

Beginning soon …Green 



Near Peak..Red

Past Peak …Brown


Where to see fall colors in Montreal.

It's time to grab your camera and capture the amazing fall colors

As we enter the season of Fall, it’s a perfect time to step outside and witness the stunning colors of nature. 

You might have already noticed the leaves begin to change their shades from green to hues of yellow, orange, and red. This transformation of leaves provides an excellent opportunity to capture this fleeting beauty on camera. 


I encourage you to grab your camera and head out to your favorite parks, hiking trails, or simply the backyard to take snaps of the leaves before they fall off the trees. 

With the changing colors of Fall, your photos are sure to turn out spectacular, and you can preserve these memories forever. Don’t miss out on this chance to capture the magic of the season!


You’ll need warm clothes. It is always better to overlay so that you can adapt your outfit to the weather rather than end up dressed too hot.


Mount Royal

Mount Royal, a beloved mountain, offers magical views of the changing colors of the trees from any spot, including the lookouts and paths.

A stop at Smith House is a must, as Les amis de la montagne offers an array of visitor services and activities, including trail maps and a permanent exhibition which highlights the history of this unique natural landmark declared a heritage site in 2012. 


City parks

This city boasts an abundance of greenery, with exceptional neighborhood parks such as Parc La Fontaine and Westmount Park. Other parks, such as Park Jean Drapeau, Parc Maisonneuve, and Park Angrignon, showcase multicolored trees during the fall season.


The Ecomuseum

During the fall season and Halloween, this location provides a fun experience for children of all ages to enjoy. The Ecomuseum Zoo is the only outdoor zoo on the island of Montreal. Open 364 days a year, it allows visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of this 11-hectare site.

The driving distance from Montreal is 39.3 kil. -34 minutes



The small town of Oka is a great jumping-off point for a day spent exploring. In town, check out the many artist workshops and if you like cheese this is the place. Don’t forget the apple orchards.

Driving distance from Montreal 61k-50min.


Eastern Townships:

So much to see. This region is home to some of the province’s most picturesque small towns, such as North Hatley, Eastman, Knowlton, Frelighsburg, and Sutton. 

From Montreal to the Eastern Townships is best done by car, with a driving time of one to two hours.


The Laurentians-( Mont Tremblant).

The Laurentians are located just north of Montreal and offer some of the best options for day trippers looking to spend some time outdoors. Meanwhile, the Laurentians are heavily wooded and provide an idyllic setting to witness the changing of the leaves.

From Montreal – 1.5 to 2-hour drive.


And further- Ottawa

I’ve had the opportunity to visit some favorite destinations as well as explore new places.  

Therefore, this post focuses on other fantastic locations around Ottawa to witness the beautiful autumn foliage. Gatineau Park will also be highlighted at the end of the post for its undeniable beauty.

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