Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan.

Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan!! You will experience the beauty of Northern Italy. Genoa and Milan are two of the most famous cities in Italy, boasting of their rich culture, vibrant history, and stunning architecture.


This city, the capital of the Italian region of Liguria, the sixth-largest city in Italy, and the largest seaport, is indefatigably contradictory, full at once of grandeur, squalor, sparkling light, and deep shade.


No more is this true than in its extensive old city, an often confronting reminder of premodern life with its twisting maze of narrow streets, largely intact.

It is a fascinating historical city and hosts some of Italy’s best attractions and landscapes.

Walking Around Town in Genoa


We found this restaurant for breakfast and found some space outside. The servers were really friendly, and they had a nice selection.

We all had a delicious breakfast, and surprisingly, it was also cheap.

It would be best to try the Macha croissant; it is perfect.

Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan.
Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan.

Walking the Pier

Walking the pier is one of life’s simple pleasures. Reaching out into the ocean, feeling the gentle lull of the waves beneath your feet as you stroll along the wooden planks, taking in the salty sea air and the endless expanse of blue stretching out before you…it’s a truly magical experience. You can even put your skate on and go around the rink!!


**We took the little train to visit certain streets. It’s not worth the cost of 14 Euros. Despite thinking that we would see more of the city by using the train, we were mistaken.


The train moves so quickly that there is no time to take pictures, and the constant talking is interrupted by loud music, which can be overwhelming.


Just walk around the city to save money and have a more fulfilling experience. This way, you can explore the city at your own pace and take in all its sights.

Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan.


We arrived in Milan by train towards the end of the day.


It is Italy’s second most populous city and the world capital of fashion and design. Rich in history and culture, the city is filled with world-famous Cathedrals and fascinating Art galleries. Home to the National Stock Exchange, it is undeniably the hub for finance and commerce.

But it is expensive, mainly in stores, and not what I expected. 


Not my favorite place so far..

The Cat Cafe

Arriving at the Cat Cafe at night, the lineup was long but worth the wait. We were excited to play with the cats; they did not disappoint! All the cats were well taken care of, playful, and friendly. 


The prices were reasonable, and the menu was good, although it could have had more options. Overall, we had a great time and had no complaints.

TheTrain Station

The train station is close to our hotel and the cat café. Its architecture is beautiful.


Train Ticket:

Milan To Genoa 13. euros for adults and 6.50 euros for kids

Why People Like Visiting Genoa And Milan.

B&B Hotel

The B&B Hotel in Milan is located close to the city’s main points of interest and is easy to reach from the train station.


The B&B is very clean, modern and spacious. The staff is accommodating. 

A walking distance to the Cat Cafe.

In conclusion, when dining at this airport restaurant, there is an important thing to know. If you place your order and choose to sit at the counter, there will be no additional charge.

However, if you sit at a table, there will be an additional fee, even if you choose to get your food and bring it to the table yourself.



Vertibo & Bomarzo

Montepulciano & Pienza

Siena & San Gimignano

Pisa & Portovenere

Our five-day trip through Italy has ended. It's time to head back home.

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